Long Way Down (Re-revisited)

Reposted this “revisited” after finding that I had another DeEsser (Waves) to use on the vocal track. Tweaked the “Pensado Lead 1” preset a bit, adjusted the volumes of the busses and bounced it down. Sounds even better to me.

Here are the notes from the previous post: New audio mix and visuals for Music Sketch #22 “Long Way Down”. Idea for the song happened while studying C# Locrian (b2, b3, b5, b6, b7).

Photo taken while visiting New York, NY.

Between (Revisited)

Another “revisited” music sketch with new audio mix and visuals. This time it’s Music Sketch #21 “Between”. Took a bit longer to get this one completed as I was trying to incorporate what I’ve been learning about Photoshop over the past few weeks. Original idea for the song itself happened while studying F# Phrygian (b2, b3, b6, b7).

Photo taken while visiting Yellowstone National Park, WY.