Project Ice

In early January 2021 a classmate of mine from Berklee Online, Richard Kahn, reached out and asked if I would like to collaborate on a project he was thinking of doing. He had a musical fragment of an idea to use as the basis of a soundtrack for a short ice skating film he wanted to make. I loved what he came up with and wanted to see what he had in mind.

We met over FaceTime and started to brainstorm what we might do. A short time later we had a Logic file that had everything mapped out and we started to build the piece up. Each of us would work on the parts that we had talked about and over the next few weeks it started to take shape. To share the file we used “Splice” as file management and sync/version control. Overall the project went really well and we got a lot done in a relatively short amount of time stretched out over January and February.

Unfortunately, the lake that Richard was hoping to shoot the film on had already started to thaw by the time that the piece was complete. So that part of the project will have to wait. Nonetheless, I really like what we came up with and wanted to chronicle the experience. 

Here is “Ice” as a standalone audio piece. Perhaps someday it will be fully realized as a music video/ice skating film.

Thanks for reaching out to and collaborating with me on this, Richard!

Photo by Kelly Sikkemaon Unsplash