Much like MTC 1, Music Theory & Composition 2 was a very challenging course with a lot of material covered. At times, it felt like a bit too much information to absorb in 12 weeks’ time. That being said I did get a lot out of the class and am really glad that I took it.

I won’t go through listing all of the material covered, but some of the highlights for me were: further work with Modal Interchange, Composite Minor Scales & Chords (Minor/Melodic Minor/Harmonic Minor), writing in Compound & Odd Meters, Secondary Dominants & Chord Scales, Tensions, Related II Chords, Harmonic Rhythm, Deceptive Resolutions, Parallel Scales, African Polyrhythms, Indian Talas, Modulation, Pivot Modulation and Modal Interchange, Hybrid Chords, Guide Tone Lines, 3-Part Voice Leading, Binary/Rounded Binary/Ternary Forms, Rhythmic Augmentation & Diminution, Motifs and Transposition.

Thanks for another great class, Berklee!

Here are some of the pieces that I put together for this term’s assignments and exercises.