Late last year my wife, Rachel, suggested that I do a house concert as I had been writing so much new material (50 new song ideas between October and December 2018). This morphed into the idea of doing quarterly albums/concerts based on entirely new music that I have never performed before.

The first of these albums/concerts is coming up rather quickly: March 23, just after the Spring Equinox. I have made really good progress so far, most of the songs are close to being finished. I’m estimating that production will be completed in the next six days, followed by five days of mixing. This will leave me with three days to configure/set up equipment and rehearse everything.

It’s been a very full and rewarding period of time taking these 50 songs and choosing 8 of them for charting/notation, writing melodies and lyrics, arrangements, pre-production, recording, editing, mixing and live performance all within 3 months. Very exciting times indeed!