Arrangement Markers and Drummer Tracks

One of the things that I love to do when working with Logic is to use Arrangement Markers to help generate Drummer Tracks. Arrangement markers are used to identify different sections of the song (Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc.). When building up a new song, I like to record a scratch/guide track (guitar or piano) and then add arrangement markers. Once that’s done I’ll add a Drummer Track. I found that adding the Drummer track _after_ the markers are laid out will cause the Drummer track follow the arrangement in terms of dynamics/parts/fills. Usually I’ll need to dial in which Drummer and/or Kit to use, edit some breaks, fills, etc. but often I’m surprised as to how close the generated track gets to what I want to use. Is it perfect? No, nothing compares to having a real drummer with great gear, in an awesome room, collaborating with you. But in terms of getting new ideas down quickly it’s fantastic!