Really stoked about the latest update to Logic Pro X, 10.4. A lot of great new features (Smart Tempo, Studio Horns and Strings, 2 new Drummers, “Undo” for the Mixer and Plug-Ins, Automation updates, UI updates and more).

But it is the new ChromaVerb (a fantastic reverb), EQ (Vintage Graphic/Tube/Console EQs) and Camel Audio (Step FX and Phat FX) plug-ins that I’m digging the most. I found that even only using the “Drive” setting of the “Vintage Console EQ”, bypassing the EQ section altogether, audio tracks sounded fuller and richer. And the ChromaVerb is beautiful and natural sounding/feeling to me.

Eli Krantzberg did a great tutorial for this update on Groove3.com.