Getting back out there

Been a long time since I’ve played out on my own and one of my plans for this year was to do some shows. Unfortunately, I’ve found that once I’ve stopped getting out in front people it takes a bit to get back up to speed (both musically and as a performer). The solution? Open mics. In my mind there is no better way of getting comfortable playing in front of an audience. It’s low risk and (most of the time) a really supportive environment. One of my favorite spots has been and still is The Blue Rock Shoot in Saratoga. Thanks to Bob and the folks running the restaurant for keeping it going. So awesome to have a space like this to go to!

Here’s a shot of me playing at the Blue Rock in 2008. If I remember correctly, I believe that it was taken by Thomas E. Snuggs. And yes, it was back when I still had plenty of hair. :-D

Glenn @ BRS