Here’s something that I wrote for a timed exercise in the Creative Writing: Finding Your Voice class that I’m taking this term. My wife liked it so much she thought I should post it on my site. So here it is.

Do you remember the first time that I asked you? To be mine? To be my one and only, my valentine? It wasn’t actually on Valentines Day, but sometime later in 2008. When our eyes met and my heart couldn’t escape. Nothing has changed in all the days since, other than that I love you more than I thought I could, I’m convinced. The days and nights flew by, filled with tenderness and passion, in ways that I had always hoped for, yet could have never imagined. Everything was new and felt like an adventure. Even places I had been to a thousand times offered new treasures. The colors were so vivid and ever so bright, even in the darkness there seemed to be light. Food never tasted so delicious or so scrumptious, were these just the responses of endorphins on our systems or something more auspicious? I had no idea of what was to come, that soon, before long our lives would become one. I am so happy and forever grateful that you are my love, companion and friend, all of which I hope will never end. You have brought so much to my life and I am so proud to call you my wife. Thank you, Valentine.