Berklee Online – Term 4

For my fourth term with Berklee Online I took two classes: Applied Mathematics for Musicians and Music Theory and Composition 3. All in all it was a great term with a lot of ground covered.

Before the term started I didn’t know what to expect from the Math class and was a bit apprehensive as it had been so long since I did any formal study of math. Turned out to be a really enjoyable yet challenging class that I did really well with. To be completely honest though, I was glad when it was over. Let’s just say “It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.” After all, I’m not in this program to be a math major, I’m in it to become a better musician and composer.

As for MTC3 it was similar to the MTC1 and MTC2 classes I took earlier in the year. Great courses with _a lot_ of information. And like the other classes, at times it felt like a bit too much information for just 12 weeks. I go into the specifics about this class in a separate post.

All that being said, I still feel that this is a really well designed and thought out program with great content and fantastic teachers. Thanks, Berklee!