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This is a live in-studio recording. All tracking was done in one day. I played and sang each of the songs one after another just like a live performance. To be that focused and “in the moment” was one of the most intense and rewarding experiences I’ve had as a musician. Thanks to Kenny Schick for the awesome work he did recording & mixing it. Sounds beautiful. Full, lush, direct and open.

All Songs Written by Glenn Schoonmaker* ©2013 Glenn Schoonmaker. All Rights Reserved.

All tracks recorded live** on August 24th, 2013 at B3P Studio. Engineered and Mixed by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions. Produced by Glenn Schoonmaker & Kenny Schick. Photos taken and edited by Kenny Schick of Basement3 Productions.

I want to thank Rachel Chang, Kenny SchickSabine Heusler-Schick and Hristo Vitchev for all their help in making this happen. I also want to thank Karen Schoonmaker, Brad Schoonmaker, YouFa Chang, ShuE Yu, Richard Adoradio, my friends at Apple and the Blue Rock Shoot for all the support over the years.

*Lyrics to “Lean” written by Glenn Schoonmaker & Jan Hutchins 2010

**One punch-in on “Love Liberate” & one edit on the very last chord of “Come on Down”

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