In late 2018, my wife, Rachel, suggested that I do a house concert as I had been writing so much new material (50 new songs between October and December 2018). This morphed into the idea of doing quarterly albums/concerts based on entirely new music that I had never performed previously.

“Equinox” is the collection of songs that I wrote, recorded, produced and performed for the 2019 Spring Equinox Concert.

It was a very full and rewarding period of time taking 50 song ideas and choosing 8 of them for charting/notation, writing melodies and lyrics, arrangements, pre-production, recording, editing, mixing and live performance all within 3 months. Very exciting times indeed.

Thanks to my friends and colleagues for their feedback and input as I was putting the finishing touches on this album: Roger Allen, Richard Adoradio, Greg Bryant, Michael LaMacchia, James Robinson, Kenny Schick, J. Scott, Ed Riojas, Hristo Vitchev and Alex Wheeler.

Most of all, special thanks to Rachel for all her support and suggesting that I do a concert in the first place. Funny how one idea can redirect someone’s entire life…

In addition to the SoundCloud player above, you can also find the album on most streaming services.