From Now to Then: A Personal History

From Now to ThenVarious songs written and recorded between 1997 and 2000. Many of these were only intended to be sketches/reference material to be used for “real songs” that would be developed later… none of which ever happened. That being said, it was a very fruitful period musically. Thanks to Akil Wemusa, Robert Jasman, Tim van den Berg and Andrew Flieg for their performances/contributions on various pieces.


1. Homecoming

2. Sweet Insecurity
3. Petrified
4. March 15th
5. Endless
6. Space Junk
7. Merry Christmas, Baby
8. Princess Cake
9. Come On Down
10. Space Junk (reprise)
11. Jeremy & Nickolas Go To the Circus
12. Softly
13. Faster
14. Bully Boy
15. So Good
16. We'll Be Okay
17. Excuses Abound